Các cụm từ tiếng Anh cần biết trong công việc

  • To ring out = âm thanh lớn đột ngột.

Ex: It’s frustrating when you need to speak to someone and their phone is ringing out because they are not able to answer it.


  • To pick up = nhấc máy điện thoại, trả lời điện thoại.

Ex: Sometimes, you feel like all you are doing is picking up the phone in work.


  • To get through (to someone) = nối máy điện thoại đến ai đó.

Ex: When people can’t get through, they call back later.


  • To take on (more staff) = tuyển dụng, thuê ai đó.

Ex: The company is growing, we need to take on more staff.


  • To fill in (a position) = bổ nhiệm, thế vào.

Ex: We need to fill in 5 new positions.


  • To lay off (someone) = sa thải, cho nghỉ việc.

Ex: It’s good news because we won’t need to lay off any staff.

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