Một trong những kiến thức khó nhất trong tiếng Anh là học thuộc và ghi nhớ cụm động từ. Cụm động từ thường khá khó hiểu và có nhiều nghĩa, gây rối trong việc sử dụng trong ngữ cảnh chính xác.

Bring up

Ex: He was brought up by his grandmother.

Ex: Tony brought up a great idea at today’s meeting. I think you should hear it.

Make up

Ex: At first I believed him but then I realized he had made up the story.

Ex: My brother and I have decided to make up, it’s not worth fighting.

Get over

Ex: There was nobody home so I managed to get over the gate and open the door.

Ex: I was really sad after breaking up with my boyfriend, but I got over it very quickly.

Get through

Ex: How much cheese do you kids get through a day? I just bought that block yesterday!

Ex: I just need to get through these last few weeks of studying and then I’m finished forever.

Hang up

Ex: Ok Kim, I need to hang up now, I have a lot of work to do. I’ll phone you tomorrow!

Ex: Please hang up your jackets when you come into the classroom.

Blow up

Ex: The bomb blew up just outside the shopping centre and everyone ran.

Ex: When I asked him to work overtime he blew up and told me I don’t pay him enough.

Work out

Ex: I’m going to work out at the gym tonight so I can’t come to dinner.

Ex: I can’t work out this maths problem, I have been trying for two days.

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