Example: My new job is a dream come true: the people are lovely, the work is interesting and it’s close to my house.


Example: Josh’s pipe dream is to become the president of America.


Example: Lilly is living the American dream: she has the husband, the two kids and the house with a garden.


Example: Stop living in a dream world! If you want to graduate you’ll have to study harder.


Example: My holiday in Mexico was beyond my wildest dreams, it was perfect.


Example: Her grandmother’s life was full of broken dreams.


Example: You want me to give you 1000$? Dream on!.


Example: You want to marry Brad Pitt? In your dreams!.


Wouldn’t dream of doing = không bao giờ nghĩ đến việc làm gì

Example: I wouldn’t dream of travelling without insurance, it’s too risky.

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