Trạng từ về thời gian

  • Afterwards = sau này, về sau, sau đấy

Ex: I’m working late tonight so I’ll meet you afterwards.


  • Again = lại lần nữa

Ex: Has he forgotten his keys again?


  • Immediately = ngay lập tức

Ex: If you feel sick come home immediately


  • Before = trước, đằng trước

Ex: Before you leave please take out the rubbish.


  • Early = sớm

Ex: Tomorrow I arrive early, so don’t wait up!


  • Finally = cuối cùng, sau cùng

Ex: Finally she realised that she didn’t love him.


  • Last = người cuối cùng, người sau cùng

Ex: You are the last person to arrive, please close the door!


  • Lately = cách đây không lâu, mới gần đây, vừa qua

Ex: She hasn’t felt too good lately, I wonder what’s wrong?


  • Late = trễ

Ex: You’re late for class again


  • Recently = gần đây, mới đây

Ex: Recently Mike has been working so hard at school


  • Then = tiếp theo, sau đó, về sau

Ex: She arrived and then we went out.