How are your skills in meeting?

1. The person who is in charge of the meeting is the person who takes the minutes.

2. The best way to call a meeting is to inform each participant individually by phone.

3. An agenda should outline the order and amount of time to spend on each item at the meeting.

4. Engaging in small talk throughout the meeting is an effective way to keep the focus.

5. When someone agrees with a motion it is "seconded".

6. The person who is speaking during a meeting is the person who "has the floor".

7. A polite way to indicate that you want to make a comment during a meeting is to say: "If I could just come in here..."

8. When there is a tie vote, it is customary for the chairperson to ask one participant to reconsider his/her decision.

9. During the closing remarks, the person holding the meeting should introduce new staff members or guest speakers.

10. Reminders are typically announced after all of the items on the agenda have been covered.